Welcome to Dream & Drive.
Welcome to an adventure, it's fun, it's legal!

Go anywhere, go anytime, have fun. You don't have to drive miles to enjoy yourself, just go down the road, find a nice spot and there you are, perfect bliss.
Our Classic VW Campers have it all. All the style and fun of that period before the world went plastic & digital. It brings you back to basic fun.
You can cook, have a fridge full of chilled wine or beer, a very romantic weekend for two or it sleeps up to four of you if you don't mind a squeeze. Hitch up a side tent, put your bicycles on the back or canoe on the roof, as you like.
Rough camping is the fun bit, but if you prefer a bit more sophistication, you can always drop into the hundreds of camp sites found everywhere.

VW Fun Guaranteed

At Dream & Drive we have four Classic VW's. Each one has a character of its own and all are serviced & prepared very carefully for your use.
It's a Classic VW, still they are very reliable.
As said, we do our uttermost to make sure everything is in top condition.
All four VW's are fully equipped too.
So you only need to bring a few warm clothes a bit of imagination and little else.

Live the experience, it's great!

We are based in Amsterdam, we do speak English and Dutch.
With heaps of experience, and personal attention to all our clients, you are assured the perfect camper experience with Dream & Drive.
You could say English wanderlust, German Gr├╝ndlichkeit & Dutch Courage all rolled into one!!!

Last but not least...

Our prices are including bicycle rack, awning, complete inventory, duvet cover & sheets, insurances and much more that other companys often count as extra charge!

Come and try us,

Mark Hans Pluygers

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